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Nå har jeg tenkt til å slutte på denne bloggen fordi jeg ikke får noe særlig kommentarer på det jeg legger ut. Da er det ikke så veldig gøy å blogge, det kjønner dere?. Hvis du ikke vil at jeg skal slutte legg igjen en kommentar.

- Pettylittleliar

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Se episode 2x14 her!

Jeg har fått et spørsmål om jeg kunne legge ut episode 14 og da kunne jeg selvfølgelig det. 


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After Ellen Interview with Shay @shaymitch

After Ellen talked with Shay about her website, 2B, and playing a lesbian. Check out what Shay had to say, including our favorite line, ?Ooh, a flamethrower!?

AfterEllen.com: This is kind of embarrassing, but I was actually just shouting at you on TV because I?m watching the winter premiere and Oh, my God!
Shay Mitchell: I know!

AE: No, seriously. Oh, my God.
SM: No, seriously! I know!

AE: We should do this for like an hour. I?ll just shout incoherently at you while you affirm my Pretty Little Liars mania.
SM: Good idea. Where are you in the episode?

AE: You?re in the greenhouse with ?A? and you just went flying over a table with glass shattering everywhere. Was that really you?
SM: Yes! My dream movie role is some kind of action role where I get to blow up cars while running in heels. And so this was such a fun taste of that. We had stunt people on set doing the choreography, and I was like, ?Um, I?d really rather just do it myself.? They?re always like, ?Shay, please don?t jump over that table.? And I?m like, ?Yeah, no worries; I won?t.? And then when the cameras start, I run full throttle and throw myself at it. My knees were so bruised up after that ? but it was totally worth it.

AE: I talked to Marlene yesterday and she said season 2B is full-on Badass Emily. Are we going to get to see more?
SM: Oh, yes. And it was so much fun to play! When Emily started out in season one, she was kind of reserved and kind of willing to sit back and let things happen as they happened, let other people take control. And she?s evolved so much since then. She doesn?t give a crap anymore. Like, you want to call her the weakest link? She?ll show you the weakest link.

AE: I?m only going on what I?ve seen so far in the premiere, but 2B seems creepy as hell.
SM: You have no idea. Honestly, it was kind of scary shooting that greenhouse scene. I mean, we always have lots of crew around, but it was dark and the cameras were outside and I was in there by myself most of the time.

AE: Marlene told me her sons were on set the final day of filming and the youngest one got so creeped out by A?s lair that he had to leave.
SM: I saw that room on the final day of shooting. I was hanging around on set talking to Marlene and she was like, ?Let me show you this room.? And we went in there and I was like, ?Holy ? thanks for giving me nightmares as I?m heading home by myself!? The second half of this season is intense. It?s creepy. Not kid creepy. Grown-up creepy.

AE: Great. I couldn?t even walk my dogs outside after the sun went down for like a solid week after the Halloween episode.
SM: Oh, Heather. You?re going to need a hand to hold for the rest of this season. Don?t watch it alone. I?m always telling Marlene that she?s got a nail in her head or something. She comes up with the most twisted stuff. Well, all the writers do. I have such a tremendous amount of respect for our writers, for the way they build on Sara Shepherd?s stories. I mean, even the way they?re able to stay on top of everything going on with all the characters. It?s a full-time job just keeping up with who Emily is dating!

AE: Yeah, let?s talk about Emily?s love life in 2B. Is she going to settle down with Maya or continue to play the field and date every gorgeous girl in the state of Pennsylvania?
SM: Well, I can tell you that someone comes back ?

AE: You can say it?s Maya. I already know it?s Maya.
SM: Oh, good! OK, so Maya comes back and things really heat up with them. There are some intimate scenes with them, more intimate than Emily has ever had on the show. But the thing with Maya is that she?s been away for a while, and Emily didn?t just stand still while she was gone. She?s been growing and embracing her sexuality and owning who she really is. And so it?s a neat connection because it?s almost like they?re meeting each other for the first time. Maya is going to be a little shocked with how forward and how comfortable Emily is with herself now. Emily is a new Emily, and we?re going to find out if Maya likes the new Emily as much as Emily likes the new Emily. There are some pretty steamy scenes.

AE: Let?s talk about you a little bit. It?s been a pretty great year for you. So many Pretty Little Liars accolades. You launched your own website.
SM: It has been such a blessed, crazy year. I feel so lucky to be a part of this show, but I also wanted another way to connect with my fans in a way that?s a little more involved than Twitter and Facebook. I?m so excited about it because my website is not like anything I?ve ever seen before. I want it to be a place where I can connect with people and encourage them. I want to do how-tos and tips about things people maybe don?t know. I want it to be empowering for girls and women of all ages and ethnicities and sexual orientations.

AE: My favorite part of your website are the videos with your mom.
SM: I have been telling her my whole life that I want to compile all the things she?s taught me into a book. She?s wonderful. I don?t know how she does it, but she knows so much, and she?s always teaching me. And so I decided to use my website to share all of those things with other people.

AE: You know the Shay Mitchell Army?
SM: I do!

AE: Yeah, I?m going to start a Shay Mitchell?s Mom?s Army. She?s so great. Was she reluctant to do your website videos or was she like, ?Sure, I?ll be a star!?
SM: The funny thing is, she was coming to stay with me, so I picked her up from the airport and in the car on the way to my house I was like, ?Oh, some people are coming at 8:00 in the morning and we?re going to shoot some videos.? And she was like, ?Cool, what are you shooting?? And I was like, ?No, we?re shooting. We?re shooting videos about everything you?ve ever taught me.? She was a little nervous, but we had so much fun.

AE: I continue to be blown away by your generosity with your fans, how willing you are to reach out to them and connect with them.
SM: You know, my goal ? and I?m not saying this like a pipe dream; I am going to make it happen ? is to be able to go into schools and talk to teenage girls. I want to talk to them about self-esteem and self-worth, about relationships with boys and relationships with girls and relationships with their family and friends. And about embracing and celebrating the differences that make them who they are. I always wanted to be an actor, but more than that I always wanted to be able to reach out and help people.

I am thankful every day that role that came to me was Emily Fields. She?s a wonderful character, and I love playing her ? but she?s also an important character. Things are changing. The world is finally understanding that love between two people, no matter their gender, is just love. And Emily is a part of that. She?s a sweet character, a fun character, and she?s a character who has found empowerment through embracing the fact that she?s a girl who likes girls. I am so proud to play her. It?s like the universe worked its magic and brought her to me.

AE: Every time I talk to you I feel like we?re living in the future. I told you this last time, but one of the first straight actors I ever interviewed told me right off the bat that she was worried about being typecast as a lesbian for the rest of her career, and you?re over here saying that playing gay is one of the biggest blessings in your life.
SM: That?s because I think it is! Acting has given me a big voice and I want to use that voice to empower people.

AE: OK, I asked Twitter to give me some questions for you. I?m just going to ask you the two most tweeted ones. The most tweeted one was: Will you marry me? ?Me? being, well, Twitter, I guess. Will you marry Twitter? Shay, how many marriage proposals do you get a day. Be honest.
SM: I can feel the heat radiating off my face I?m blushing so much. I?m single! I don?t get marriage proposals every day!

AE: Well, clearly you?re not reading AfterEllen.com frequently enough. OK, here?s the second most tweeted question: How does it feel to be the most gorgeous woman in the world?
SM: Heather! My face is so red!

AE: I?m just reading Twitter out loud to you! You know everyone here thinks you?re gorgeous! You?ve seen the AfterEllen.com Hot 100!
SM: Well, thank you. Your readers are wonderful.

AE: We think so. I don?t want to keep you because I know you?re sick. But good luck staying alive for the rest of the Pretty Little Liars season. If it?s anything like the premiere, you?re going to need a lot of luck and probably a flamethrower.
SM: Ooh, a flamethrower! I?ll talk to Marlene!


- Pettylittleliars

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2 uker igjen

Hvor mye gleder du deg til pll starter igjen ?

- Pettylittleliar

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Grattis Ashley!!!

I dag har Ashley bursdag, så grattis med dagen til henne. Hun blir 22 år.

- Pettylittleliar

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Tusen takk

Jeg vil bare si at hvor glad jeg er for at dere leser bloggen min om pretty little liars. Jeg får bare flere og flere hver dag og mange sidevisninger, også mange kommentarer. Og da lurte jeg på hva dere vil ha mere om på bloggen eller er den bra som den er ?. 

- Pettylittleliar

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shay's hjemmeside


- Pettylittleliar

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Sara Shepard Interviews with EW

Thanks to EW for posting this interview with Sara Shepard! The highlights? We will learn about Emily?s secret inStunning, Sara doesn?t know who A is on the show, there will be 13 books in the series (not including PLS [Pretty Little Secrets]) and Ruthless is getting great feedback, which you can read more on in our next post!

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: What kind of response have you gotten for Ruthless? It?s book 10 in the series, so are people still excited?
SARA SHEPARD: Everyone is really excited. Ezra, the character who?s Aria?s teacher-boyfriend comes back in this book. A lot of girls are excited, but at the same time devastated because something kind of horrible happens. But they?re staying up all night reading! So I?m getting great responses so far.

I know Ruthless just came out, but Stunning is next up on the list. What can you tell us about that one?
In this new group of Pretty Little Liars novels, each book focuses on an individual secret that the girls have. Twisted was a group secret. Ruthless was about Spencer?s secret. Stunning is about Emily?s secret.It?s revealed in Stunning that Emily has a baby she gives her up for adoption. It?s just hinted at in Twisted and Ruthless, but we don?t go very deep into it. We don?t know what happens to the baby. Her parents don?t know, and the father doesn?t know. It?s very much about that. Emily has wronged somebody in the process of giving up this baby, and that is the suspect for ?A.? Somebody obviously wants revenge. t?s revealed in Stunning that Emily has a baby she gives her up for adoption. It?s just hinted at in Twisted and Ruthless, but we don?t go very deep into it. We don?t know what happens to the baby. Her parents don?t know, and the father doesn?t know. It?s very much about that. Emily has wronged somebody in the process of giving up this baby, and that is the suspect for ?A.? Somebody obviously wants revenge.


So does that mean even more books?
Yes. There will be a Hanna secret and an Aria secret as well. These poor girls! If anyone had lives like these girls? And on the TV show too. Terrible things happen to them. But they have beautiful clothes! [Laughs]

You have not one but two popular TV series on ABC Family, Pretty Little Liars and The Lying Game. How does that feel?
It?s definitely surreal. Pretty Little Liars being on TV was crazy enough. But both of them? It?s a little unbelievable, honestly. I don?t really know how to explain it better than that. I?m still kind of amazed that it?s happening.

Are you a fan of both shows?
Yes! I watch both of the shows. I don?t see them early. I watch them with everybody else.

So you don?t know who ?A? is?

 don?t know who their ?A? is, and I kind of like that I don?t know. It could go either way. I think a lot of people are thinking, ?Well, I?m dying to know who ?A? is, so I?m just going to read the books!? But in the series, there are three different ?As.?

Do you have any theories on who their ?A? is?
There?s part of me that wonders if it could be the same ?A? that I have. But then part of me thinks they?re too smart for that and would actually make it someone else to really confuse readers. I?m sure they plot [the series] the same way I plot the books. They know exactly who it is, and they have seeded all these little clues that will seem really obvious once ?A? is revealed. Then, we?ll have to go back and watch all the episodes all over again.

Your books are obviously the inspiration for the shows, but are you involved in any other way?
With Pretty Little Liars I saw the pilot really early. I knew that Marlene King had read the all of the books by then. I thought [the pilot] was so accurate to what the first book was about that I didn?t?I don?t even know if I could have gotten involved anyway?but I didn?t get involved. It was like, ?You guys are doing a really good job.? I still think they?re doing a really good job.

Anything else you want to add about the series?

There?s a special bonus book, Pretty Little Secrets, coming out in January. It?s just four separate secrets told a little bit differently than the main books. It?s right around the Christmas season, and it?s this lost chunk of time between book four and book five in the series. It?s narrated by the second ?A.? I won?t tell you who it is, but some readers will know. And we don?t say who it is. It?s a fun extra book, and it has crazy, crazy stories. It was a lot of fun to write, so I think readers will really like it.


- Pettylittleliar

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pretty little liars book 10: ruthless

"High school seniors Aria, Emily, Hanna, and Spencer have narrowly escaped death and been targeted by a ruthless stalker named A. And it?s not over yet.

Aria?s love life is on the fritz. Emily?s exploring her wild side. Hanna?s kissing the enemy. And someone from Spencer?s past is back to haunt her. But none of that compares to what they did on their last spring break. It?s their darkest secret yet. And guess who knows everything? A is going to make sure they get exactly what they deserve??

Pretty little liars bok 10: ruthless har kommet ut (ikke i norge). Den blir jo selvfølgelig på engelsk. Jeg ønsker meg den boka til jul, og da må du bestille den på internett. Du kan kjøpe den på www.prettylittleliars.com. Hvis du er Ezria fan bør du glede deg til å lese boka fordi Mr. Fitz.

Kommer du til å lese boka?

- Petty little liar



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favorite couple ?

Aria og Ezra ?

Hanna og Caleb?

Spencer og Toby ?

Emily og Maya ?

Jeg liker Aria and Ezra best. 

Hvem liker du best ?

- Pettylittleliar

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intervju av Lucy Hale

Gleder du deg til 2.januar ?

- Pettylittleliar

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Jingle Ball Interview Hints Trouble for Ezria?!

- pettylittleliars 

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MORE Secrets From The Season Premiere!

Will Ezria fans be happy with the premiere or want to die from depression? ? @PretLilTwiGleek

Ezria fans will have some things to be happy about and some things to be sad about. And other things to be afraid of. So, you?ll be happy and depressed and terrified. Does that work?

Does the episode leave a cliffhanger for Ezria? ? @FutureHarding


Are the Ezria scenes going to be flashbacks or are they happening at that moment? ? @IanHardingBE

Every Ezria scene takes place in the present.

Give me anything Ezria :) GOOD EZRIA! ? @EZRIAFAN

Um? things are explained. For better or for worse, most things if not all are left out in the open. That doesn?t mean that things get better?they start the premiere broken up again?but they do talk about where they are with each other and where they want to go.


I?ll say this. Ezra does use the word ?love? in reference to Aria, and he uses it multiple times.

Does Ezra have a go a Jackie in the episode?? She deserves it!! ? @ezriaplllover

Now Ezra doesn?t have a go at Jackie. Aria, on the other hand?

Could you describe the season premiere in one word? ? @NLgirlPLL

I?ll give you five one-word sentences: Amazing. Angry. Dramatic. Intense. Shocking.

Can you please tell us about Mike punching Ezra? :) ? @Ezria4EverXoxo

Well, it?s done for more than one reason. Mike was really off the wall for the first half of Season 2, but I think you?ll see that things are different this time around. It?s more of a calculated punch, if that makes sense? Yeah, a calculated punch!

Is Hanna?s dad ready to forgive her for stopping his wedding? Is Kate still tormenting Hanna? ? @HalebConfession

At this point, I think everyone has moved on from the wedding disaster, but there is a HUGE twist in Hanna?s life involving her dad that even I didn?t see coming, and it?s certainly going to make this season extremely wild to watch.

I just wanna know if we?lll have a scene with Jenna/Toby! ? @WeHeartTammin

You will not.

Will there be a Halebucas love triangle happening? Will my Haleb heart be broken? ? @surrealfantasy3

You get a lot more Lucas than you?re used to in a typical episode, and with the two of them both in Hanna?s life right now, it certainly seems like the show is stirring the pot.

Is the ?I do? Spencer says to Toby in a good way or a bad way? ? @Elif_Ciftci

It?s said in the way that you?re trying to convince someone of something. We all know Spencer is the one that broke it off with Toby, but in this particular scene, Spencer is trying to convince Toby of her feelings, and Toby is NOT buying it.

Does the tension between the girls get worse or slightly better by the end of 214? ? @TheSuperGirl22

At the end of the 2B premiere, Spencer is screaming at the top of her lungs. It actually unsettled me. I?ll let you decide what that means!

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Hvor kan du se pretty little liars på nett ?

Hei. Jeg har fått et spørsmål hvor jeg er pretty little liars på nett og da kan jeg selvfølgelig svare på det. Jeg ser det på watchseries.eu

1. det første du gjør er jo å søke på watchseries.eu
2.  søke på pretty little liars
3. trykke på pretty little liars
4. der kan du se alle episodene som har kommet ut og da kan du velge en som du vill se på f.eks episode 6 og trykke på den episoden.
5. der kan du velge en nettside som du vil se på og etter det trykker du på "watch this link"
6. så trykker du på click her to play
7. tilsutt kan du se episoden.

Håper du kjønte min forklaring og hvis du ikke gjorde det, kan jeg prøve på å lage en ny en.

- Pettylittleliar 

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Om bloggen

Hei. Jeg er en pretty little liars fan. Jeg kommer til å opptatere med det nyeste som skjer med skuespillere Lucy Hale (Aria Montgomery), Ashley Benson (Hanna Marin), Shay Mitchell (Emily Fields) og Troian Bellisario (Spencer Hastings). 
Serien handler om:

Pretty Little Liars er en amerikansk Tv-serie. Serien er basert på romanserien med samme navn av den amerikanske forfatteren Sara Shepard. 

Det handler om fire jenter; Spencer Hastings, Hanna Marin, Aria Montgomery, og Emily Fields, som sammen bærer på en stor hemmelighet om venninnens Alison DiLaurentis død.

Kommer mer om persnonene senere. Håper du vil like  bloggen. 
- Pettylittleliar

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Velkommen til min blogg!

Dette er den første posten på min nye blogg ;)

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